AIM Manufactures high volume galvanised steel products for infrastructure projects and ongoing contractual work for utility companies as well as the dept of Transport and Main roads.


Products we provide to Electrical Utilities and Electrical Contracting Companies

Powerbeam power pole reinstatement systems
Galavanized power pole fittings (cross arm braces, brackets, shackle straps, cable guards, )
Road Lighting Poles (Major and minor road pole foundation assemblies, road lighting poles , outreach arms, brackets)

Products we provide to the Department of Main Roads & Transport and Road Construction Companies

Road Lighting Poles (Major and minor road pole foundation assemblies, road Lighting Poles , outreach arms, brackets)
Truss Bridges (pedestrian, bikeways, vehicle bridges)
Rolled Steel Girders
Overhead fabricated gantries (variable speed sign gantries, roadside mounted fabricated side gantries)
Bridge traffic and balustrade rails
Bridge throw screens
Bridge restraint angles
Bearing attachment plates
Bus station structures / shelters
Traffic Sign Poles and traffic mast arms (rigid, slip base poles and fabricated truss sign poles)
Noise Barriers (fabricated noise barrier posts, noise barriers on parapets
Anchor Bolts and bolt cages
Cover plates
Pit covers to MRTS91
Stormwater grates
Stainless expansion joint cover plates
Parapet covers
Thrie beam cast in anchors

General Fabrication Products

Service poles
Stair stringers
Temporary builders poles and cages
Hand rails
Parking bollards
Stair columns, posts and beams, stair landing frames
Post top brackets
Mullion brackets

Our Services

Onsite Installation of products
Onsite Welding by accredited personal to MRTS78
Creation of 3d drawing packages
Project Management
General Fabrication