AIM have successfully manufactured Powerbeam pole nails in Cairns, delivered to Esperance ?and installed in remote southwest ?of WA by Misand Holdings. AIM’s high volume capability allowed it to produce and deliver in excess on 5000 units? in a 16 month timeframe, with reserved capability to produce tens of thousands more should the need arise. Misand Holdings were able to install an astonishing 30 Powerbeams per day, completing the contract 6 months ahead of schedule

A Word from Misand Holdings

Powerbeam’s are installed on wooden power poles to extend the life of the pole. The industry considers the life expectancy of untreated Jarrah poles to be between 15 and 25 years, while the life expectancy of reinforced and fungicide treated power poles is typically between 35 and 50 years. Fungicide treatment happens every 4 years, whereas reinforcing only happens once in the lifetime of the pole.

We work all around WA, mostly around Esperance (approximately 4500 poles reinforced to date), but we have reinforced on minesites in Meekatharra and Karratha, and will be working around the midwest region (Carnarvon, Laverton, Leonorra, Meekatharra, Wiluna) in the new year.

Our guys are capable of doing 30 poles per day on a good day but an average of 15-20 is more likely.

Factors that reduce numbers achieved in a day:

  • Weather ? cannot work in the rain
  • Ground condition (harder ground increases time taken to drive nail in)
  • Location of poles
  • Machinery breakdowns

Rough Process:

  • Correct sized beam is selected
  • Beam is lifted off the truck and into place with the Kevrek Pole Grab (secures the pole during the driving process, is shown in the photos)
  • Pole grab is secured to the pole
  • Tractor rams the beam into position beside the pole
  • Beam is bolted and bandit-strapped to the pole
  • Impact points (possible points of rust) are sprayed with cold-galv paint to prevent rust
  • Area tidied up

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