The architect wanted to design a bridge which represented his vision of? a coal seam, as it was topical in relation to the area. The architects vision proved challenging and AIM rose to meet the challenge .

AIM proved they were the only company capable of manufacturing and galvanising the materials such as?the perforated steel sheets for the anti throw screens,?to the required architectural finish.

AIM were able to interpret the design drawings and produce a 3d package in StruCad which resulted in excess of 2000 workshop drawings and over 155 tonne of steel. AIM once again delivered the structural steel and associated screens for the project on time and on budget from Cairns to Brisbane.

Due to AIM’s performance in delivering on time and on budget, we were awarded the project Bridge 110 at Goodna railway station.

AIM manufactured the lift shaft for the station and provided detail drawings of how they were packing and shipping the product so as to enable the installers to plan and execute a rapid onsite install.